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My Mother's Secret: A Novel Based on a True Holocaust Story - J.L. Witterick
The day I received this book in the mail I planned to read just a bit to get me started. This unexpectedly turned into an evening of reading straight through this wonderful story. I just loved it. It is a fairly short book, but very well developed. Although it's the story of Franciszka's bravery in hiding two Jewish families and a German soldier, it isn't told from her perspective. The viewpoints shift from her daughter to some of those she is hiding. Through their words we learn about how selfless this woman was (this is based on real events) and how crafty she was as well. 

Although I tend to read a great deal of books based on World War II, this one stands out as something special. It is extremely readable and would be perfect for book clubs as well as teens. I especially liked the balance of characters, showing that there are truly good people everywhere in every group. I will definitely recommend this one.